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DANGLEBEN FAMILY 1880 Sign In or Register to add photos

A photo of the entire Dangleben family in the West Indies gathered in Dominica in the 1880s. The framed painting in the centre is a portrait of the original Dangleben who came to Dominica from France. The man with the beard to the right of it, is his surviving son. The rest are his children, grand children, great grand children and their wives or husbands. The ancestor of many of the present day Danglebens is Charles, but I do not know which one of the men he is. It may be one of the men standing at the right hand side of the photo. Kevin Dangleben, manager of the Kalinago Barana Aute in the Kalinago Territory, looks a bit like him with a prominent forehead and balding. Just a guess. See what you can find out. This very brittle photo was found in Miss Ira Dangleben's house in Barbados and was given to me. Ira and Iris were twin sisters. See if you can find out anything more!
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