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I am from Grand Bay All the Danglebens over the world is one family and the first Dangleben came from France in the early 1700s now here is a 98 year old picture , from the left in this picture was an adopted young lady by my grand parents, who was Ma,Tootoo's daughter and sister to our great Queen of Belle, Orean, next is the little boy who was my father who is resting on his father's lap in the picture and his three sisters in which the fourth person from the left in the picture is the great grandmother of Leslassa Armour-Shillingford Dominica's rep at Miss World 2013 and this picture was taken in Grand Bay Dominica in 1915 and if my grandfather were alive today he would have been 135 years of age and my grandfather was a great businessman and he owned many small estates in Dominica and he also owned about 10 to 13 % of lands in Berricoa Grand Bay and also in Roseau, Ponginard, Pichlien Fond St Jean, Ti Savan, Valson , and Anba Soew , his best friends were Mr, Ennord Leatham's father , Jafette Henderson's father The St. Luce and Alcendors , Mr, Bobby Laurent Mr. Hugh Ballot , Mr, Standly Fadelle's father and his best best friend was Mr, G Ponpon of Fond St Jean who was also my father's Parren and his youngest friend was Mr, Sweet heart for Mr, Enord Leatham and Mr, Frieyer and Mr, Embey Cocot. now my grandmother, then Miss. Ella Correitte became Mrs, Ella Dangleben in 1904, the surname Correitte came from Bordeaux In France and the Dangleben surname from, Ile de France, but Danglenen, is not spelt the same as in France. My grandfather mother was a slave on the Dubique estate and she was of Ma, Tootoo's blood lineage her name was Eugeinie and his father was Charles Dangleben who was a white man On my grandmother side her mother was mixed blood with Kalinago and White, It was in box to me by Miss, Correitte from the USA saying that the wife of Dominicas pm is also the same Family on my grandmother side, Mrs, Ella Correitte Dangleben Now when some people call me outcast I would prefer them to call me universal
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